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Credeva is an internationally active management company based in the UK with representative offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Shanghai and Beijing.


Credeva is a technology based 360 degree company.


The company has in house legal and accountancy teams as well as a compelling younger generation of associates who have specific talents tailored to the roster.


If you feel that you are overwhelmed by your current roster we are looking to partner with other management companies or other allied trades in both the UK, EU and USA. please book an appointment using the contact form.

Our Team

Simon Austin.png

Simon Austin  - Director

Simon has been heavily involved in the music, live production, technology and education businesses since 1979 and has been in leadership roles since he started his career. Unlike many, Simon has experience in Europe, The Americas and most importantly China. Simon is a strategic thinker and has an ability to innovate rather than follow.

Dan Payne.png

Dan Payne - Director

With over twenty years of experience in the design industry, Dan has an eye for detail and is able to bring the most creative ideas to life. Overseeing brand development as well as social media content whilst constantly pushing the boundaries of design.

Christoper Henderson.png

Christoper Henderson - Legal Counsel

Chris has been a lawyer for over 30 years. He headed up the legal team for the creation and Execution of Canary Wharf in London. Once he completed that he chose to join Credeva Ltd and other companies with which Credeva Trades as Legal Counsel. 

Scott Ashton.png

Scott Ashton - Director

Scott Ashton is a professional production manager with his own company Quintessential Productions. Scott joins Credeva Ltd as an associate to manage directly with the board and has his own hugely equipped Studio in Beverley near Hull.  Scott has worked very closely with Oasis, Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Primal Scream and corporate include SONY, Aruba HPE, Heineken & Hollister.

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